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It's not a party without bone head disposables. Enjoy the best 2 gram carts in the market.
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Who We Are

Bonehead carts are a California based 2 gram disposable brand. We started of in 2023 with 5 original flavors and then later released 5 more flavors. What makes our carts unique and top notch is our attention to details. The bone head disposables comes with a sleek design and has some of the highest quality oils used in any vape in the industry. Our disposables are also very potent and will have you passed out for a long time. So what are you waiting for, try out our bone head extracts today.

Our Mission

Our mission was to create a 2 gram disposable that solved all the problems of current disposables such as fryd and packman. We definitely achieved that with the bonehead carts. Our disposables currently have the longest lasting battery than any in the industry currently. We also managed to create a disposable with so many amazing flavors and long lasting effect. The Bone head extracts team is so proud of what we have achieved and you should expect more from us coming soon. 

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